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With Social Club Membership, make La Bazenne into your home away from home and improve your “lieu de vie” in modern  and chic French-American style.

La Bazenne Social Club Members are part of our extended family.  Our café-resto is designed to be a relaxed environment where you are welcome to linger over a café, share a  bite or a drink with family or friends, or pass the evening in a group or tête-à-tête.  Our team at La Bazenne is looking forward to getting to know you and will do everything we can to make your experience as personalized as possible, whether you are just looking for a comfy chair and free wifi to catch up on a bit of work or whether you are looking for some expert advice on wine and food pairing to impress a new or old flame.

We have organized a host of year-round events to bring the taste and lifestyle of Ile de Re / France to the shores of Naples.  Social Club Members will benefit from exclusive events as well as priority invitations and discounts on a wide range of social and culinary activities.  We  also welcome your suggestions  and will endeavor to include your interests in French discovery into our event calendar.

Membership applications are now available at La Bazenne on Fifth.  The cost is $50 per couple for a full year of membership.

La Bazenne Social Membership Benefits include the following:
Membership Card
Priority Seating
Special Offers and Discounts
Exclusive Access to Social Member Events, including:
   – Testing of new Seasonal Menus
   – New Champagne / Wine / Cocktail Tastings
   – Food Discoveries in Presence of Chefs / Producers
   – Cooking Workshops
Priority Invitations / Discounts to year-round Special Events, including:
   – Wine Tasting Parties / Workshops
   – Wine & Food Pairing Events
   – New Years’ Eve Party
   – Galettes des Rois Party
   – Beaujolais Nouveau Party
   – Truffle Season Arrival
   – Après-ski Cheese Raclette
   – Fondue Party
   – Chandeleur Party (Crêpe animations)
   – Culinary Week
   – Summer Cold Shower Happy Hours
   – Paris Fashion Week
   – Fashion Sundays
   – Celebration of Bi-annual French Sales
   – 14th of July (Bastille Day)
   – Fête du Travail (French Labor Day)
   – Cabaret Night


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